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Anonymous: Hi! I was wondering if you can do an inspired outfit for a wedding as a guest :) That would be amazing <3

Literally anything pastel, light stuff with diamontes maybe? Sorry I couldn’t post an inspired outfit, I can’t get onto Polyvore to do the set..:c

-Chloe xx

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Anonymous: The picture you have of Marzia in your dashboard with those glasses. I wanna know where they're from. Thanks!

Well it’s hard to tell exactly where the glasses are from. Until we figure it out urban outfitters has extremely similar ones :)

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Sorry I haven’t been on much. August trough now has been super busy scary and sad. Plus my computer is falling apart.


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Anonymous: Damn, I thought this was her actual blog :( - raggedymanwithbowtie

Soz babe :( you can find her real blog in the faq though

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Anonymous: do you know what clothing items she had in the insta photo of urban outfitters stuff

No sorry, it’s hard to make out whats what and so on…sorry!

-Chloe xx

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defiant-box: Hey ^_^ I really love your blog and I've been looking for a while now and have been trying to find some cute inspired outfits. Preferably with collars :) any help or suggestions?

Done ^.^

-Chloe xx

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ppc - ins by chloebaker featuring River Island
ppc - ins by chloebaker featuring River Island
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Anonymous: marzia inspired cape coats for newyork?? (i read som reviews of some on sheinside and it said they suck theyre not warm??)

There are quite a few on asos but they’re quite expensive…

Sheinside is probably the best place to get one, even though the reviews say they’re crappy they actually tend to be quite nice, warm and comfy. Some people tend to over exaggerate.

-Chloe xx

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Anonymous: Hey, do you know which brand is Marzia's glasses in the video Alien Abduction quiz? I am in love with them!

I’m so sorry I couldn’t find exact! Closest I could find were these

-Chloe xx

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Anonymous: the shoes you posted are the exact

Oh we’re they? I thought it was missing a strap or something lol

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